Tombstone Strike Sheild


Tombstone is the first of its kind designed specifically for world-renowned De Krav Maga law enforcement and military tactical combat training.  Working closely with our supplier, we have made significant improvements to reflect new techniques used in real-world combat self-defense training. This updated target is lighter in weight and more durable than before to withstand the most hostile and combative scenarios. With newly formulated padding to absorb as much speed and power as you can control by punching and kicking, we have reinforced our Tombstone which makes it the ultimate training pad for combat and fitness training. The 6 strategically placed handles allow rapid maneuvering and versatility when developing rescue skills. We know that what you do is more than just training, it’s our way of life. A multi-angle striking surface allows for unique punch combinations.



  • Multi-angle striking surface allows for unique punch combinations
  • 6 strategically placed handles for versatility
  • Specially formulated stuffing absorbs kicks and punches


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